NEWS (only since 15-7-11)

15-7-11 3AW Interview on motorcycle training (mp3 clip HERE)

30-8-11 Invitation from the University of California Berkeley to come for a spell as Visiting Scholar

4-9-11 The RACV  Election Candidate Statement has at last  been approved by the Returning Officer (Election started 19-9-11, ends 13-10-11)

Click here for the .pdf version

4-9-11 The paper on motorcycle risk taking when filtering in traffic is now in press in AAP.

12-9-11 VOICE multiple Identities article attracts Assistant Director of Attorney Generals Department National Security Resilience Policy to a half day meeting in Melbourne

26-9-11 US Transportation Research Board appointment to a further Expert Task Force (L12-A-LTG) to assist the SHRP2 program with their initially 70 terabyte (expected to be much larger than that later on) database project

18-10-11 Gave public evidence at the Victorian Parliament Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety at 11:45-12:30 on Tuesday October 18th: formally ‘accepted’ by the Committee, my submission appears in the Submission list linked to <here>.

Some interesting views from the rider community consultations I carried out in 2004 are given here, showing the frequency with which various issues were raised at that time. The concerns over ITS and the limited professional knowledge and concerning responses to motorcycle issues by State Road Authorities were salient at that time, 7 years ago. The very different pattern from those involved in motorcycle rider training is notable.

18-10-11 3AW Interview on Front number plate push by VicPolice: pointed out the substantial  ANPR links to CRIMTRAC and implications

18-10-11 Results for Service Member RACV Board Election: Not elected (18k votes, 3rd to two sitting members. Comments will later be posted on the flawed process substantially advantaging sitting Members of the Board, as the basis for a formal motion for the AGM in November 2012

22-10-11 3AW Interview on front number plates now on iTunes. Play <here> for direct access

1-11-11 Invested in the fares and most of the other costs to attend the Volvo Research and Education Foundation meeting in Beijing. Particularly impressed with the all-China Transit DBMS (see blog entry for comment)

27-11-11 Completed the Accident Scene Management Crash Course for the Motorcyclist, and the First Aid Certificate for ‘Apply First Aid HLTF301C’

29-11-11 Completed the Accident Mental Health First Aid Course run by the Counselling Service at the University of Melbourne

5-12-11 Clarke, R.A. & Wigan, M.R. ‘You are where you have been’ published and online at the Journal of Location Based services.

20-12-11 Vice Chairman of Electronic Frontiers Australia

1-1-12 Completed an eight year term contributing as Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne in Engineering to two Phds and one Masters, ITS and Logistics teaching and several publications for the RNSA

19-1-12 Hansard posting of evidence given to the Victorian Motorcycle Safety Inquiry, expressing the need for review of the TAC Act

25-1-12 Enrolled in Masters of Applied and Professional Ethics at Melbourne

6-2-12 Geerlings, Shiftan and Stead (2012)  “Transition towards sustainable mobility: the role of instruments, individuals and institutions” Ashgate; has just arrived.. my Chapter is “The role of information contestability in evidence-based policy in planning and transport

2-3-12 Discovered an early paper of mine on the 20 years of changes in transport environment in Australia since 1970.. it would be interesting to do another one now on those in the last 20-22 years, 1990-2010/12.

15-3-12 Saw on line in IEEE Xplore the IEEE Technology and Society magazine with my latest published paper, its on governance and national security, see <here>

27-3-12 My 1967 DPhil Thesis republished as the first known Word Processed Thesis, with the story and background to its creation with a facsimilie reproduction included. Still looks pretty good, even before one realises it was created a decade and a half before word processing began to be readily available!

1-3-12. Appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology at Swinburne University of Technology, to 31-12-13

8-13 April-12. Visitor in Logistics to the TBM Section of the Technical University of Delft, in the framework of the NWO programme Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad. A seminar was given on the gaps between Public and Private gaps in logistics modelling and the issues of the resulting sub-optimisation

24-26 April-12. Paper on PPPs in shadow costed roads with Chief Scientist of VTT Finland at the European Transport Forum, Athens, Greece

8 May-12. Seminar for Architecture Building and Planning: University of Melbourne. Where do we go and what to do after 4 Step models? Emphasised freight, how to judge models, and how regional and other planners can ask useful questions of and engage productively with modelers.

10 May-12. At an EFA/ACANN/Choice/Communications Law Centre NSW Meeting with Google in Sydney about privacy and IP issues.

18 May-12. Presentation on Internet, Education and Seniors to the 31st Association for Community Education Annual Conference in Melbourne

30 May-12. Accessibility paper from 1979 chosen as a transport classic for Edward Elgar collection

2-9 June-12. Attended the US NAS TRB SHRP2 L13a Expert Group review meeting at NATMEC in Dallas Tx

18 June-12. Submission on Privacy Aspects of Smart Meters to the Victorian Emergency Services Commission

15-August-12. UniMelb Masters in International Relations awarded.

31-August-12. Putu Mandiatha awarded Melbourne University Phd for work on transition matrix approaches to road maintenance strategies (on his supervisory team)

1-September-12. Paper on Smart Meter privacy and policy accepted for ISTAS 2012

15-September-12. ReOrient Knowledge Base shut down after ~8 years online: still at >2000 hits/month 5 years after the project end

18-September-12. Accepted an invitation to share the mentoring of the Third MSSI cross disciplinary group of Melbourne Phd students

19-September-12. Associate, (External) Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne

20-September-12. Submission to the National Security Inquiry on the Parliamentary Website

30-October-12. Appointed Honorary Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at the University of Melbourne, for two years.

1-November-12. Elected as a Director to the Board of the Australian Communications and Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)

15-November-12. ReElected as Vice Chair of the Board of Electronic Frontiers Australia

26-November-12. Chapter 11 in the GAMUT Book edited by Nick Low which was published today

30-November-12. Program Committee: IEEE ISAS 2013, Toronto June

3 February 2013. Program Committee: ACM Web Science 2013 Paris, France May 2-4

7-February 2013. My ACUV Bitumen for Broadford Medal finally arrived (after over 30 years.....)

23-April 2013. Invited paper for IEEE Computer Special Issue on Big Data (Publication June 2013

24-April 2013. Chapter on IT and ethics of faith based organisations finalised and accepted (Publication late 2013)

2-May 2013. Finally enrolled in an MA by Research in Musicology at the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash, on the context and content of the Melbourne Festivals of Organ and Harpsichord from 1976-86

11-May 2013. Recorded a 20 min Podcast interview on Big Data and the Private Data Commons to for the IEEE website linked to the June issue of IEEE Computer special issue on Big Data, in which I have a paper with Roger Clarke.

27-June 2013. Paper on assistive technologies for the elderly presented at IEEE ISTAS13, Toronto via GoToMeeting.

3 Aug 2013. Bg Data paper in IEEE Special Issue of Computer tops the IEEE Popularity lists for July

3 Aug 2013. Big Data Consequences interview gets top hits in IEEE Special Issue of Computer

30 Aug 2013. Setting up an RACV Club Riders Group for Members with Kim Fisher (Members Group Manager) of the RACV Club.

2 Sept 2013.      EFA Digital Policy Scorecard 2013 released HERE, with Press release HERE

24 Sept 2013. Just completed an outstanding Unit on Medical Ethics with Prof Julian Savulescu at the Melbourne Law School. The best Unit I have done in the last 20 years.

25 Sept 2013. Just completed two years on the EFA Board as Vice Chair, reverting just to Life Member: on to new initiatives.

10 Oct 2013. Presented to the Emergence Group at RMIT on emerging Smart Meter and social issues

25 Oct 2013. Presented to the Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference in Canberra on Open Live Music Repository IP and Metadata

8 Nov 2013. Great positive feedback on my presentation of the disruptive effects and the critical sustainability aspects of 3D printing at so Im adding the PPt and .mov Movies used here Mv1 Mv1 Mv3

9 Nov 2013. After Ten Good Years, Yamaha FZ1 is replaced by a 2013 BMW RS1200GS/Wasser bought from Brad Casey at Valley Prestige BMW Motorrad in Traralgon

5 Dec 2013. Presentation on Supply Chain and Sustainability implications of Additive manufacturing at the Swinburne symposium: 3D Printing: Social and Cultural Trajectories. Presentation here

12 Dec 2013. Met tight deadline for the opening paper for Special Issue of IEEE Technology & Society on User aspects of Smart Meters as key aspect of Smart Grids (Here)

31 Dec 2013. End of role as Patron of the Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria, now merged into the new and much larger Victorian Motorcycle Council

31 Dec 2013  Completed term on 31-12-13 as Adjunct Professor of ICT at Swinburne University of Technology,

11 Jan 2014. Created a special page here on Ambiosonics, UHJ and my old friend Michael Gerzon: including UHJ and B Matrix equipment I hold and many UHJ resource links.

12 March 2014. Appointed Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University of Technology

30 June 2014. Posted the results of my research on analog to digital recovery of sound and music to my website

16 August 2014. The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne, end of association as a Professorial Fellow : appointed to 10-9-14 for MASS3 mentoring: resigned on 16-8-14 with completion of their Sustainability Ethics Conference which included their initial presentation of their research project

28 August 2014. My beloved little sister died today. 22-8-14 RIP Althea Hayton MA (Oxon) Lady Margaret Hall , Author, Publisher, Counsellor, and Therapist

17 September 2014. Completed my term on the Board of ACCAN as Director, (Australian Communication Consumer Action Network)

3 October 2014. Gave the lunchtime presentation to the University of Melbourne Graduate House onTechnology Enhancement - A full role for the elderly”.

15 November 2014. Posted long review of analog to digital conversion of old music on tapes to my SelectedWorks site <here>

1 December 2014. Lost patience with the >12m review cycle of a paper of mine on 3D printing and zero length supply chains, so posted <here>

7 January 2015. Posted my Graduate House talk slides on governance shortfalls for the elderly in mobility and technological enhancement

13 January 2015. For good or ill.. I found the YouTube of the Graduate House talk Its now here.

9 February 2015. Exciting updates and corrections  on UHJ and Ambio recording received from Steven Dive (

12 March 2015. Rights secured to this new professional portrait by Verve

16 March 2015 Presented and passed the confirmation panel for my Monash research Musicology Masters

1 April 2015 Appointed to the Uk Institution of Civil Engineers Editorial Panel Proceedings of the ICE: Transport (2015-18)

18 May 2015 Smart Cities Plenary -Environmental aspects at the IEEE Smart Cities initiative launch in Wuxi, China as IEEE SSIT nominee: full program <here>

3 June 2015 Smart Cities Plenary -Environmental aspects at the IEEE Smart Cities initiative launch in Wuxi, China as IEEE SSIT nominee: <Powerpoint Here>

5 June 2015 Appointed to the IEEE Smart Cities First Conference Organising Committee

6 June 2015 Chair of the Smart Citizens track: First IEEE Smart Cities Conference ISC2: Guadalajara Mexico 25-8 October 2015

8 Sept 2015 Presentation on Open Music and Metadata issues for Open Music Repositories accepted for the 2015 IP & Media law Conference IPRIA Melbourne Law School 23-4 Nov 2015.

9 Sept 2015 Joined Australian Computer Society Policy Committee, and we are reviewing the results of 400 responses to policy issues sent in by ACS members

15 Sept 2015 Entered the first 29 Patents of my father, Edmund Ramsay Wigan, in the webpages at the end of this site, plus the first 47 of his various publications also at the end of this website

29 Sept 2015 Elevated to Senior Member of the IEEE

3 Nov 2015 Posted my Educational Strategy for Smart Cities <here>, as presented 25 Oct at the IEEE Smart Cities Conference in Guadalajara Mexico

23 Nov 2015 Posted my presentation to the IP and Media Law Conference at Melbourne University on Open Music <here>

25 Nov 2015 Posted first varied sources of Citations and Reads summary page data <here>

17 Dec 2015 Awarded Master of Arts by Melbourne in Applied and Professional Ethics (Thesis Big Data [and Virtue] Ethics)

1 Jan 2016 Joined the Society for Social Studies of Science

21 Jan 2016 Completed my two year appointment an Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University

1 Feb 2016 Added Knowledge Base Manual movies to this website <here>

4 Feb 2016 IEEE 21stCenturyWiener Conference July 2016: Melbourne: Ethics Convenor

9 Feb 2016 IEEE Track Chair: Governance: Smart Cities Conference Trento Sept 2016

18 Feb 2016 Recorded Curro and Cassomenos Concert with the first performance of the Cassomanos 1st Concerto at and for Brunswick Beethoven Festival

20 Feb 2016 Recorded Seraphim Trio Concert for Brunswick Beethoven Festival

22 Feb 2016 Awarded the Seeding Grant proposal I wrote for “Hearing Aids and Music” for the Arts-Engineering cross discipline initiative at Monash

11 April 2016 Attended the third stage of the Australian Open Government Partnership program formation workshop in Canberra with others from Civil Society

18 July 2016 Panel Presentation on the ethics of IoT and related innovations at the IEEE 21stCenturyWiener International Conference at University of Melbourne

29 July 2016 latest paper now on line: Mandiartha, I. P., Duffield, C. F., Thompson, R. G., & Wigan, M. R. (2016). Measuring pavement maintenance effectiveness using Markov Chains analysis. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering

1 Sept 2016 Appointed as Honorary Professorial Fellow at Woollongong University until 31/12/17, working with Prof Katina Michael on social impacts of technology

30 Nov 2016 Added recruitment to hearing aid and music explorations to the survey

18 Jan 2017 Deleted my Citations Info page as Napier removed all the author useful aspects from repository@napier.

25 Sept 2016 Calling all Hearing Aid users who Listen to Music.. please respond to this survey- its still live as of 18-1-17Survey of Listening to Music via Hearing Aids

10 Oct 2016 PaperITS-AN-TP067  “Soft Vehicles, Soft Roads, Soft Transport - a Shift from parallel to a coherent perspective“ presented to the 23rd World ITS Congress

26 Jan 2017 Original program of first Messiah from Scratch is on the Music Page

21 Mar 2017 Ethics and Brain Implants in the MilitaryppleTypeServicesppleTypeServicesF393216 ” published in IEEE Technology and SocietyppleTypeServices

23 May 2017 Master Thesis on MIFOH with details of the performers and the music over 40 years (436pp) awarded with HD/1st Class Honours

23 May 2017 Monash MIFOH Research Masters in Musicology Master Thesis on MIFOH with details of the performers, performances and broadcasts of the music over 40 years (436pp awarded at H1) <HERE> on Monash Figshare

20 April 2017 Hearing aids and music Seeding Grant report to Engineering & Arts Faculties is at <Here> on Monash Figshare

Updated on 21 August 2018