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Primary base organisation 
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Principal, Oxford Systematics                                            ABN 55 884 700 811                

I maintain a number research and mentoring links: here are some of the active ones

University of Melbourne, Honorary Fellow in the eScholarship Research Centre

  1. Edinburgh Napier University, as Emeritus Professor Card (here)                           

Professional and other bodies

  1. Australian Privacy Foundation, as a life member

  2. Electronic Frontiers Australia as a life member

  3. Australian Computer Society Victorian Branch Policy Committee

  4. The US TRB (the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies) as

Emeritus Member of the following Committees:

  1.     ANF20 (Bicycle Transportation)         [Emeritus at large from 7/2014]

  2.     ANF30 (Motorcycles and Mopeds)     [Emeritus at large from 1/2013]

  3.     ABJ90 (Freight Transportation Data)

  4. TT Riders Association as a member from my International Production TT Ride in 1975, With five further years of Manx GP entries also over the Mountain Course. chronicled in Motorcycle Sport (see Motorcycle Journalism page)

  5. The Ulysses Club as Member 11112

  6. Royal Society of Victoria

International Association of Privacy Professionals

Family History in the Visitation of England and Wales Vol 13

  1. ResearchGate, Academia, SelectedWorks, Google Scholar, IEEE Xplore WorldCat and other citation and response details from dissemination website services: statistics <here>  Until Jan 18, my name at repository@napier was a very useful resource, but the design has changed and all links to it have now been removed from this website

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Marcus Wigan                                                                                 



Current Interests

\ Updated on 10 December 2018

1975: Imola 750SS Ducati - used daily in 40miles each way London commuting and the IoM 1975 10-lap International Production TT

2015 Back to riding the 2004 Fz1.. now has Garmin L390GPS+tyre pressure sensors autolinked VIRB 1080p camera.. where 2 for an ABS?

1975: Ducati Desmo Imola 750SS,

Kawasaki Z1, exAlan Barnett’s 382cc 99.9mph flying IoM lap Aermacchi Harley- Davidson (I did a 97.1 standing stopping push start in practice)

The very latest NEWS items

27 October 2017 Appointed to the Australian Computer Society National Professional Ethics Committee

1 August 2018 Appointed Honorary Fellow in the University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Center

10 December 2018 Posted a longer version of an Information Age article that appeared on 4 dec 2018 <Here>

10 December 2018 Posted a long commentary from the 21st Century Wiener Conference of 2017 as it is highly relevant to current  ai and ethics discussions <Here>

11 December 2018 ACS Professional Ethics webinar panel member (here)

All other recent news itemsAll other recent items of news are on the next page, or click <here>

1980: Flying legally at a very low level over NY in a light aircraft: now impossible

Closing Rapporteur Address: MSSI Sustainability Ethics Conference

1973 Honda CR93 MRW at Brands Hatch in Southern 67 Racing Club

1975 Silverstone Honda CR93: 11th in this 125cc World Gp 125cc round

[Emeritus at large from 7/2014]

1963: Hertford College Oxford’s 4-Bump VIII bumping at Folly Bridge in Eights Week(Wide World of Sport Pic)

  1. 1.1.Abbreviating my 2014 thesis on Big Data and the role of Virtue Ethics Checking  ***Reviving 36 years of microcomputers.. completed (almost) all the Mac boxes but the MacII(needs new power supply).. then the Sages, then the S100 systems                          ***Collating my software, hardware, books and papers in four areas for the 1980s-HyperText, Expert Systems/AI, Pascal, Fortran ready for Chapters in a thesis/book

  2. 2.2.Certificate 4 Fabrication Course at Melbourne Polytechnic : so far I am dismally poor welding student..

  1. 1.Abbreviating my 2014 thesis on Big Data and the role of Virtue Ethics Checking 

  2. 2.Converting my MIFOH holdings into HDMS reference format for the eScholarship Research Centre at the University of Melbourne

  3. 3.Certificate 4 Fabrication Course at Melbourne Polytechnic : so far I am dismally poor welding student

  4. 4.Nearly completed the Macintosh stage of the 2gb of 1980s heavy duty software to run on an SE30. Next                   PC, then Sage then S100(Amiga is competed)s